My 2 Year Veggieversary

This month marks two years since I became vegetarian, and it’s been quite a journey!

It all started on a sunny day with a cow, a border collie and some friends. Whilst enjoying a walk we came across a group of young cows in a neighbouring field. The cows were inquisitive, playful and enjoyed a good head scratch. My friend remarked “they’re just like puppies” and that was it. Once I’d made that connection I couldn’t undo it.

I’ve had hiccups along the way making mistakes, remembering to not beat myself up and keep going. It’s made me look at the food I’m eating with more scrutiny. I’ve made healthier choices. A veggie diet isn’t always healthier than being omni, but for me, the process of checking food content for animal derivatives means I’ve made better choices all round. It’s also given me a love of vegetables – corny I know! My go to snacks are raw red pepper, carrots or what I like to call ‘cronchy’ veggies… A long way from a peperami!

I’ve felt healthier and happier with more energy. Fitness is relative to your starting point, for me I’m not the same person I was two years ago. I walk much further and regularly and I cycle to and from work every day.

My goal going forwards is to transition to vegan. I would also like to take up open water swimming. I swam in the Scottish Highlands last summer and fell in love with it. Unfortunately lockdowns have prevented me doing any more since then, fingers crossed for 2021!

2 thoughts on “My 2 Year Veggieversary

    1. Thanks Toby, I can’t wait to get swimming in Windermere! If you know any local spots, please let me know!


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