Short on time full body workout

With the world slowly returning to normal, many of us are finding we do not have as much free time as we would like. Below is simple but effective workout that can be completed within 30 minutes. You do not need to be grinding through a workout for 60-90 mins each time for it to be effective.

young slender female athletes giving high five to each other while training together in sports club

Complete each exercise for 20 seconds with high intensity but strict form followed by 20 seconds rest after each exercise. Complete each circuit 3x and then rest for 2 mins before moving on to the next circuit.


Squats (barbell or dumbbell)

Mountain climbers

Walking lunges (barbell or dumbbell)


Clean and press (barbell or dumbbell)

Chest to floor burpees

Weighted Tricep dips


Strict Shoulder press (barbell or dumbbell)

Bent over row (barbell or dumbbell)

Bicep curl (barbell or dumbbell

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