Isolation Motivation

During these unprecedented times it can be hard to complete the physical exercise we enjoy as we are adapting to life under lockdown. Due to the closures of gyms and social areas across the country by the government it has become a greater challenge for everyone to maintain their physical activity needs. I will be going through ideas in which will help to improve motivation during this difficult time.

 Staying Motivated

During these times it can be hard to get up of the sofa and find the motivation needed to complete physical activity, I have experienced this first-hand already. There are several ways in which I have used to improve this in which I am going to share with you. It can be hard to find the motivation as gyms/ leisure centres are closed for the foreseeable, naturally we think that’s an end or unable to now take part in physical activity as we are restricted to staying at home and only allowed one hours exercise a day. But this is far from the truth, with the restrictions they can create new challenges and goals for us to reach. We might be limited on equipment, but it allows us to reflect on the bigger picture and work on weaknesses we can improve on, new challenges or exercise we may never of endured previously. Get involved in something totally new for example running/biking and getting the most of the outdoors while we have the time, set yourself targets to reach week by week and reflect back on achievements you may have thought you could never complete prior to these times. Aim to work on the smaller wins at home where you have the time to improve weaknesses, for example core work can easily be done in an open space just using bodyweight exercises. Complete a core circuit three or four times a week can have a dramatic effect in the future as your core unit gets stronger it will allow you to be stronger in the bigger lifts and movements later down the line.  A full core and Running programmes are available through our online coaching please do not hesitate to get in contact for more details.

Goal Setting

When setting yourself goals it is important to write them down and have them in front of you, set yourself smaller targets to reach at first which can be achievable. For example, running for 20 mins without stopping, completing exercises or a number of circuits per week, small wins which will give you motivation for bigger achievements. Progressively over time set small week to week targets which can slowly be increased, additionally set yourself month to month targets which right now may look to difficult to complete but with the correct attitude and commitment can be fully achievable for example running a 10K or further. Future goals are a great way to stay motivated as each goal that is completed you can cross off what you have done and have the sense of achievement and reflect how far you have come from the small targets you initially set to bigger targets you are setting yourself down the line.

 Routine and Structure

There is nothing like wanting train but having no structure or ideas what to do, having a routine / programming available can dramatically increase your motivation and improve your results from the get-go. Programming will give you daily workouts in which you do not have to ponder what you are doing for the day or the following days within that week as it is all done for you! During this time, we have created FREE programming available for all our members to keep you motivated and hitting those physical goals. In addition it is important to have a routine or stay in the same routine prior to lockdown, get ready in the clothing you would originally train in and make it feel like you are doing something with your time. Train at the same time daily or have a specific time you will tell yourself you will get off the sofa and do something at this specific hour and create that habit if you have not done already. Create a workout area at home have your equipment tidy in this area so you know you cannot not avoid going past or ignoring it, this could be a spare bedroom, an outside area or even an open space in the living room but most importantly where you feel most comfortable. Healthy competition and online interaction can also be a great way to motivate yourself and also others around you, create challenges between family or friends set yourself goals, interact with our online instructor on how you are doing completing the daily workouts. For more information on online programming and interaction  go to our website where more information is available and one of our instructors will be happy to help.

Other factors may also effect your motivation, are eating/drinking well? It is important to stay healthy and give the nutrients the body needs in these time. This includes drinking plenty of water, having 3/4 set meals with essential nutrients from fruit, veg, proteins and simple carbohydrates. With less moving time inevitable whilst at home it is important to stay on track with meals and reduce snacking. To much indulgent could make you feel sluggish and demotivated which could lead to weight gain and unhealthy habits. More information of recipes and healthy alternatives are on our website. Additionally our mental health is very important at these unprecedented times as normal life has been put on pause it is essential that we come together communicate and live as normally as possible. Stay in regular contact with friends and family check up on people you may believe to be vulnerable, a quick conversation may all be that is needed. Try to enjoy your time at home with loved ones while to can but most importantly stay safe.

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