Team OHLC take on Aspire Channel Swim

Aspire Channel Swim – 9 September to 2 December 2019

Discover your inner champion and swim the distance of the English channel this autumn. 22 miles, 12 weeks, 1416 lengths. Fundraising helps Aspire change the lives of people who have been affected by Spinal Cord Injury.

If you want to join in: SIGN UP here!

Join Team OHLC: Once you’ve signed up, make sure you join Team OHLC by searching on your Aspire challenge page. Search Team OHLC and hit join! or Click here.

Sponsor a team member: If you you’d like to sponsor one of our team swimmers, please navigate to our team page linked below, select one of the swimmers and follow the donation instructions.

Our team page is:

For those who are competitive, you can check our team’s position on the challenge leader board here

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