My Half Marathon Challenge Week 2 & 3

As promised, I would keep up to date with the blog and post what I have been doing in the early weeks of my half marathon training. I have picked up a niggle in my left calf after going full steam ahead in the first week and doing to many miles to early on. I’ve stepped back a little over the last 2 weeks to let it heal before it becomes an actual injury. I have still been getting 2/3 short runs in a week to keep my fitness on a whole improving.  I have noticed my splits are becoming more consistent over my runs and improving each time whilst trying to get some elevation in my runs also.

6.4km run

I am a huge fan of tracking workouts and seeing progress through statistics. I have purchased a ‘Garmin Forerunner 235’ which is pictured below to keep track of my workouts via the Garmin connect and strava apps. With the Garmin I can leave my phone at home and with the built in GPS I can still get an accurate map and statistics of my run with all my VO2 max, pace, calories and time. I feel the Garmin will be key to my training in the coming months with the ability to build a workout based around your heart rate, meaning I will be able to accurately train at the correct pace to get the most out of each training session.


For now my training is going to be focused on getting outside no matter what the weather and getting around 15-20 miles weekly. I will aim for 1 long slow run to build my legs and core while getting 1-2 shorter runs in to help build on my aerobic fitness.

My just giving page has hit 50% of personal target of £350.00 this week which I am very grateful to everyone who has donated so far. If I hit my £350.00 target I will increase it to £500.00 and hopefully smash that target also.

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