My Half Marathon Challenge Week 1

“New year, new me” or “This is my year” quotes that we have all said in the past and not followed through with. This year I have decided to put my words into action and book myself on my first ever fitness event. I have chosen to take part in a half marathon. Willians BMW Rochdale Half Marathon, 10k and Fun Run to be exact.

I will raising as much money for a local charity as possible. The charity I will be running for is Springhill Hospice (Rochdale) who care for the elderly and rely on events like this to keep doing the great job they do.

Over the following months I will be posting different blogs which cover everything from my training routine, nutrition, technology used and even injuries if they occur… touch wood. Hopefully the posts can help anyone looking to get involved in an event themselves or even just to get back out building up some miles. I started my training off very light with 3 runs of 3km. It wasn’t an enjoyable experience on any of those runs. Finally on Saturday 2nd March I woke up feeling full of energy and I went out and set my furthest distance ever recorded, 11.3km.


Needless to say my legs were very tired and I needed a couple of days to recover. I did pick up a slight niggle on my left knee which was my own fault for doing to many miles to soon. Lessons learnt early on.

If you would like to help me reach my personal target of £350 for my chosen charity the link is below. Any donations are greatly appreciated

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2 thoughts on “My Half Marathon Challenge Week 1

  1. Well done to put actions before words. Impressed you are taking yourself out of your comfort zone and prepared to put yourself on the line. It would be great to read your personal blog as well as training plans, nutrition and recovery tips. Hopefully you will inspire others to join your endeavours.


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