Rochdale Hornets Back Onside, starts January!

Back Onside is an initiative run by Rochdale Hornets RFLC, that will help men get back into exercise and to improve the health of men who have fallen away from sports and exercise, as well as helping to foster an environment that promotes positive mental health.

Back Onside is primarily aimed at men aged between 35 and 64 but fixtures are open to all ages, and are free. The sessions will be taking place 7pm – 8pm on Wednesdays at OHLC, beginning on the 16th of January and running for 10 weeks.

The scheme is an inititative of Rugby League Cares, along with Sport England and the National Lottery, who are helping to fund Back Onside. It will be taking place at 11 clubs, including Rochdale Hornets, with current and former professional Rugby League players delivering the sessions and working with participants to build strength, stamina and fitness in a fun and friendly environment.

Men who sign up to the National Lottery-funded Sport England initiative will be involved in 10 weekly fixtures lasting 60 minutes each that focus on multi-sports activities, including rugby and football, as well as team-building exercises.

Chris Rostron, the Head of Rugby League Cares, said:

Back Onside is a brilliant way for men to rediscover the benefits of exercise in a safe and familiar environment, and with expert help from experienced Rugby League professionals.

We all lead busy lives with work and family commitments and it’s often the case that men struggle to find the time or the inclination to exercise regularly.

Once you stop doing something you enjoy, it can be hard to find the motivation to start again, which leads to many men missing out on the health benefits that come from being active.

Back Onside aims to tackle that trend and provide men with the opportunity to work alongside current and retired Rugby League players in fixtures that combine exercise and activities with fun and banter.

Any questions or queries can be answered by our team by sending an email to



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