Customer satisfaction and loyalty scores on the rise

Delivering a quality service which meets the needs of the local community, whilst providing the highest levels of customer service is a high priority.  To measure this, we conduct regular customer satisfaction surveys which utilise the Net Promoter Score.  This is a formula based on one question, “How likely are you to recommend Oulder Hill Leisure Complex to a friend or colleague?” Customers score 0-10, scores of 0-6 are categorised as detractors, people who are more likely to say negative things about the centre, 7-8 are passives, and 9-10 promoters, who are loyal and speak positively of the centre.  The formula calculates the number of survey responses in each category as a percentage, then you subtract the detractor score from the promoter score.

Research conducted by the national benchmarking scheme suggests the benchmark for the leisure sector is a NPS score of 34%.  Over the past 18 months we have successfully managed to improve our score, and surpass the national benchmark.   In February 2015 we achieved a NPS score of 62% this increased to 63% in September 2015, and finally 75% in June 2016.

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