Alex’s House Building Project, Haiti

In 2010 a small island in the Caribbean suffered an earthquake of 7.0 magnitude killing 200,00 people and leaving thousands homeless.

Haiti is still feeling the effects of the natural disaster which happened almost 6 years ago and is unable to generate significant humanitarian aid to cope with the essentials of everyday life. This means approximately 85,500 people are living in homes made from whatever is available to them such as corrugated iron. These homes have no running water, no sanitation and are under the constant threat of cholera. Although this happened 6 years ago, I want to publicise the issues still affecting them today. This summer I will be travelling to Haiti to build a house for a family in need.  To do this I need your help.

Funds raised for this project will be used to purchase materials which are needed to build new homes for the families displaced by the disaster. The homes will be built out of breeze block and will consist of two bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen and, living area. These are all seen as essentials to us but to the families in need this is seen as a luxury. The house will be completed in 14 days with the help from building experts and once completed we will hand the keys over to the new homeowner!

Once I have completed the project I will post pictures showing the results and hopefully a brand new house for the family who is in desperate need of it.

Please help me give a family a new home by donating as much or as little as you can.  You can donate online here You can also give donations to our reception who will ensure they reach me.

The below images show the current living conditions for many families affected.

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