Liam’s Men’s Physique Competition Prep

On August 23rd at Leeds Town Hall I competed in my first body building show in the junior men’s physique category.

I have been going to the gym for over six years, but serious preparations for the show started 16 weeks earlier, at the start of May!

Weight sessions stayed consistent throughout the four month prep, consisting of 5-6, 90 minute Hypertrophy sessions per week.

Cardio however increased in frequency, duration and intensity. If I was losing body fat, then the cardio would remain the same, but if weight loss began to plateau then I would change something. In the last few weeks prior to show day, I was completing two cardio sessions a day, that’s almost an hour and half of cardio!

The biggest change and most difficult part of comp prep was the nutrition! Four months of calorie counting, weighing meals and being strict was very difficult. I consumed zero alcohol, zero takeaways and zero crisps, sweets and other treats! I was consistent with everything, eating around six meals a day and preparing foods for weekends, day trips and even on stag parties!

I practised my posing, bought some board shorts, had my fake tan done, and took to the stage! There were 21 competitors in my category, of which I came 5th!

If you want any more information on training, nutrition, how I transformed my physique, or how to change yours, please speak to me in the gym or book in at reception for a programme.

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